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    • N-lkwkw-min: Remembering the Fur Trade in the Columbia River Plateau 

      Nation-Knapper, Stacy Jo (2016-09-20)
      This dissertation answers the question of how and why the history of the fur trade in the Columbia River Plateau is understood in the ways in which it is. It examines the construction of memory and commemorations of the ...
    • Nachbenennungsnamen im Berner Namengut 

      Fetzer, This Michel (York University, 2009)
      Der Beitrag untersucht Nachbenennungsnamen im deutschsprachigen Teil des Schweizer Kantons Bern als bewusste Benennungen mit Namen aus dem Onomastikon des Benenners, also als Homonyme bestehender Namen. Die Analyse zeigt, ...
    • Nadia 

      Wachs, Paul [composer] (Boston, Massachusetts : Boston Music Co., 1909., 1909)
    • NAFTA - The Politics Behind Drug Production 

      Mohamed, Faisal Ali (2018-02-16)
      In the year 1993, the Canadian federal government ratified the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), with the ostensible purpose of improving trade relations and economic prosperity for the country. For ratification ...
    • NAFTA and the Future of Environmental Regulation 

      Perkins, Patricia E. (Ellie) (Centre for Constitutional Studies, University of Alberta, 1994)
    • NAFTA Weakens Regulatory Power of Governments 

      Salazar Valle, Alberto (2012)
      NAFTA creates a situation where governments have less power to intervene on issues such as obesity, hunger, and public health. This is likely to benefit only the privileged sector of society and harm low-income citizens.
    • Nagasaki 

      Warren, Harry [composer]; Dixon, Mort [lyricist] (New York, N.Y. : Remick Music Corp., 1928., 1928)
    • 'Nai-rob-me Nai-beg-me Nai-shanty: Historicizing Space-Subjectivity Connections in Nairobi from its Ruins 

      Kimari, Wangui (2018-05-28)
      What can personal histories from poor urban settlements in Nairobi tell us about the history and future of this city? How do these entangled life stories belie vogue narratives of phenomena such as rural-urban migration, ...
    • Name Change as a Consequence of Monastic Ownership 

      Agertz, Jan (York University, 2009)
      The normal assumption is that old Swedish habitation names are original, and the first recorded for a farm or hamlet. There are however other examples – even medieval. The most common reason for a name change was when a ...
    • Names in Multi-Cultural Scotland 

      Bramwell, Ellen S. (York University, 2009)
      Naming traditions arise as products of the culture in which they are used. This research asks the question: what happens when these traditions are transplanted into a society with different naming conventions? The focus ...
    • Names of Jews in Medieval Navarre (13th–14th Centuries) 

      Becker, Lidia (York University, 2009)
      This paper analyses names of Jews in the rich diplomatic collection “Navarra Judaica. Documentos para la Historia de los judíos del reino de Navarra” (Juan Carrasco Pérez, Fermín Miranda García, Eloísa Ramírez Vaquero; ...
    • Naming of Minivan Taxis Used for Public Transportation in the Caribbean 

      Ahrens, Wolfgang (York University, 2009)
      Private minivans have come to be used to augment the public bus transportation system on larger islands or else to provide the only regular transportation on smaller islands. This minivan system has been exported by ...
    • Nancy Clancy shame on you 

      Harriman, Alfred C. [composer]; Grant, Irving [lyricist]; Fisher, Isidor [graphic artist] (Boston : A.C. Harriman Co., 1911., 1911)
    • Nancy. 

      Moret, Neil [composer]; Black, Ben [lyricist] (San Francisco : Villa Moret Inc., 1924., 1924)
    • Nancy. 

      Moret, Neil [composer]; Black, Ben [lyricist] (San Francisco : Villa Moret Inc., 1924., 1924)
    • Nanostructured Mixed Transition Metal Spinel Oxide as Efficient Electrocatalysts 

      Thekkoot, Sreena Raju (2016-09-20)
      CuxCo3-xO4 films with x values ranging from 0 to 1 have prepared in order to optimize their electrocatalytic properties for the oxygen evolution reaction (OER). Two methods have been used for the preparation of CuxCo3-xO4, ...
    • Napoleon's last charge 

      Ellis, Edward.; Paull, E. T. [arranger]; A. Hoen & Co. [lithographer] (New York : E.T. Paul Musi, 1910., 1910)
    • Narcissus 

      Nevin, Ethelbert Woodbridge [composer] (Leeds, England : Banks Music House, 1927., 1927)
    • Narcissus 

      Nevin, Ethelbert Woodbridge [composer] (Boston : Boston Music Co. ; New York : Schirmer, 1899., 1899)
    • Narrating anger and sympathy in the condition of england: the role of emotion in mid-nineteenth-century politics and fiction 

      Wrobel, Katherine
      The Condition-of-England Question - a series of discussions that involve commentary on the state of relations between disparate groups and classed subjects - contains a nexus of competing and overlapping discourses, as ...