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    • D-A double D-Y : (Daddy). 

      Navasio, Lenora [performer]; Hall, Frieda [composer]; Burkhart, Addison [composer]; Collins, Charles [lyricist] (New York : M. Witmark & Sons, 1914, 1914)
    • D.R.P.I. Promotes and Protects the Rights of People with Disabilities Through Monitoring 

      Rioux, Marcia (2009)
      D.R.P.I. is working to protect and promote the rights of people with disabilities through monitoring.
    • D/H kinetic isotope effect in the reaction CH4 + Cl 

      Saueressig, G.; Bergamaschi, P.; Crowley, J.; Fischer, H.; Harris, G.W. (AGU, 1996)
      The D/H kinetic isotope effect (KIECl D) in the reaction of CH4 with Cl has been investigated using a tunable diode laser absorption spectrometer (TDLAS) to measure 12CH3D/12CH4 ratios. A KIECl D of 1.508±0.041 was obtained ...
    • d3 Data Visualization Bootcamp 

      Ruest, Nick; Suhonos, MJ (2013-06-07)
      Brief introduction of data visualization concepts, brief introduction of d3, and a walkthrough of three exercises using library datasets.
    • Daddy : I love you more and more each day. 

      Strasser, Fred [composer]; Tucker, Sophie [performer] (New York : Jerome H. Remick & Co., 1914, 1914)
    • Daddy O'Mine 

      Capano, Frank [composer]; Breen, May Singhi [arranger]; Palmer, Eddie [composer]; Magaldi, John [composer]; Barbelle [graphic artist] (New York : Gene Austin Inc., 1929, 1929)
    • Daddy was a grand old man. 

      Fitzgibbon, Bert [lyricist]; Bennett, Leo [composer]; Comer, Imogene [performer] (New York : M. Witmark & Sons, 1910, 1910)
    • Daddy Won't You Please Come Home 

      Coslow, Sam [composer]; Barbelle [graphic artist] (New York : Spier and Coslow Inc., 1929., 1929)
    • Daddy you've been a mother to me. 

      Fisher, Fred [composer] (New York : McCarthy-Fisher Inc., 1920, 1920)
    • Daddy you've been a mother to me. 

      Fisher, Fred [composer] (New York : McCarthy-Fisher Inc., 1920., 1920)
    • Daddy. 

      Lemon, Mary Mark [lyricist]; Behrend, A. H. (Arthur Henry) [composer] (Toronto : The Anglo-Canadian Music Publishers' Association, Limited, 1885, 1885)
    • Daffodils 

      Benson, Adrien Alexander (2020-05-11)
      Abstract Daffodils is a 19-minute narrative comedy about two estranged siblings who reconnect over the course of a robbery-gone-wrong. When Martha falls into heavy debt following a break-up, she tricks her brother Frank, ...
    • Daily appointment diaries : 1968 

      Allan Robb Fleming (2010-06-24)
    • Daily associations between cannabis use and alcohol use in young adults: The moderating role of self-report and behavioral measures of impulsivity 

      Daros, Alexander R.; Pereira, Brian J.; Khan, Dinat; Ruocco, Anthony C.; Quilty, Lena C.; Wardell, Jeffrey D. (Taylor & Francis, 2021-07-09)
      Although impulsivity has been implicated in cannabis and alcohol use, its role in alcohol and cannabis co-use behavior use requires further study. We examined the moderating role of self-report and behavioral measures of ...
    • Daisies won't tell 

      Owen, Anita [composer] (New York : Remick, 1908., 1908)
    • Daisy : Rag 

      Heltman, Fred [composer] (Cleveland : Sam Fox Publishing Co., 1909, 1909)
    • Daisy Bell 

      Dacre, Harry [composer] (New York, NY : Harms, Inc., 1925., 1925)
    • Daisy Deane. 

      Murray, James R. (James Ramsey) [lyricist]; Winthrop, T. F. (Thomas F.) [composer] (Chicago : Root & Cady, 1863, 1863)
    • A Daisy of long ago 

      Koontz, Edna Ula [composer]; Lenstrom, Anna Calvine [lyricist] ([S.l.] : Edna Koontz, 1909., 1909)
    • Daly's Reel : Two-step and buck dance 

      Daly, Jos. M. (Joseph M.) [composer] (Boston : Daly Music Publisher, 1911, 1911)