The William Westfall Canadian Studies Prize

The William Westfall Canadian Studies Prize was created in honour of Professor William Westfall, a long-time member of Atkinson College and York University’s Department of Humanities. For many years, Professor Westfall alternately taught in and supervised the Canadian Studies Program on York’s Keele campus, inspiring many students in their study of Canada. In recent years, he has been a passionate and outspoken promoter of Canadian Studies at York, continually articulating the importance of ongoing development and new research in this interdisciplinary field. The William Westfall Canadian Studies Prize was created to honour Professor Westfall’s commitment to the Program, and his ongoing contributions to our understanding of Canada.

Competition Description

The William Westfall Canadian Studies Prize is a University wide contest, open to all students registered in 1000, 2000 and 3000 level Canadian-themed courses on both Keele and Glendon campuses. Accordingly, the competition encourages papers written in either French and English.

Once each year, one winner is chosen at each year level. These winners receive an official transcript note and their essay published online and permanently available on York's website. A static URL of this faculty-reviewed essay will remain easily accessible to those considering applications for graduate and professional studies.

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