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    • Authorities Training Presentation 

      Salmon, Marcia (2007-05-24)
      A cataloguing training presentation on authorities
    • Canadian Patents Database 

      Salmon, Marcia (The Charleston Company, 2009-01)
      This critical review of the Canadian Patents Database evaluates it's content, searchability, price and contract provisions.
    • Cerebral Palsy: A Webliography 

      Salmon, Marcia (Taylor & Francis (Routledge), 2018-10-29)
      Cerebral Palsy, also known as CP, is a group of non- progressive neurological disorders that impair motor function. It is usually caused by abnormal brain development or brain damage that is sustained during ...
    • CIHR Policy & Opening Access to CIHR funded projects: Jun 2009 

      Fernandez, Leila; Nariani, Rajiv; Salmon, Marcia (2009-06-17)
      The Faculty of Health Research Office and York librarians are conducting a mini-workshop to describe the CIHR open access policy and to demonstrate how to deposit your manuscripts into the YorkSpace repository. Examples ...
    • CIHR Policy & Public Access to CIHR funded research: Jan 2010  

      Nariani, Rajiv; Salmon, Marcia; Fernandez, Leila (2010-02-19)
      Science librarians, Leila Fernandez, Rajiv Nariani & Marcia Salmon covered the following topics: - Finding journals which comply with CIHR Public Access Policy for Research Outputs - York Libraries support for Article ...
    • Electronic content : Benefits and Challenges 

      Salmon, Marcia (Ontario Library Association, 2009-05)
      Recently, libraries have been increasing their acquisition of electronic resources, such as electronic books, electronic audio collections, and electronic videos. Consortia have provided libraries the opportunity to create ...
    • Entering Records in YorkSpace 

      Salmon, Marcia (2007-08-10)
      This short video demonstrates how to enter records into York University Libraries institutional repository, YorkSpace.
    • FAST: Faceted Application of Subject Terminology 

      Salmon, Marcia; Cao, Haiyun (2010-03-04)
      The complex syntax and rules of LCSH restrict its application in the online environment. FAST, developed by OCLC and based on LCSH, is a faceted vocabulary for online resources with interoperability with many metadata ...
    • Intellectual Property Resources 

      Wakaruk, Amanda; Salmon, Marcia (Ontario Library Association, 2006)
    • MULER: Building an Electronic Resource Management (ERM) Solution at York University 

      Lupton, Aaron August; Salmon, Marcia (2012)
      Many university libraries now utilize an Electronic Resource Management (ERM) system to assist with operations related to electronic resources. An ERM is a relational database containing information such as suppliers, ...
    • Open Access Publishing 

      Fernandez, Leila; Salmon, Marcia (2007-12-18)
      The presentation will begin with a definition of open access and an outline of its benefits. We will then go on to explain the two roads to open access and the ten flavours of open access as discussed by John Willinsky in ...
    • Preparing for RDA at York University Libraries 

      Salmon, Marcia; Fraser, Heather (2013-05-06)
      The main focus of this presentation is how at York University Libraries we added the new MARC fields created for RDA into the SirsiDynix Symphony Integrated Library System. This presentation also included background ...
    • Promoting Open Digital Scholarship: A Canadian Library Perspective 

      Fernandez, Leila; Nariani, Rajiv; Salmon, Marcia (The Energy Resources Institute, 2010-02)
      Librarians at York University have developed a stepwise approach to promote open access among faculty. Recent policy by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research requiring public access to outputs arising out of funded ...
    • Promoting Public Access Policies – A New Role for Librarians 

      Fernandez, Leila; Nariani, Rajiv; Salmon, Marcia (2010-06-18)
      The Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR) with its public access policy has joined a host of other granting agencies requiring researchers to provide open access to their research outputs. To help researchers ...
    • RDA: The Inside Story 

      Salmon, Marcia (2008-06-24)
      RDA is the new content standard for Resource Description and Access which will be published in 2009. It is emerging from a major restructuring and re-evaluation of current cataloguing rules. RDA supersedes AACR2. It is a ...
    • Searching for Corporate Names in Amicus 

      Salmon, Marcia (2007-05-23)
      An online tutorial on how to search for corporate name authorities using Amicus.
    • Searching for Name Authorities Using the Library of Congress Authorities Website 

      Salmon, Marcia (2007-05-24)
      An online tutorial on how to search for personal name authorities using Library of Congress Authorities website.
    • York University Libraries Research in YorkSpace 

      Salmon, Marcia (2007-08-15)
      This is a presentation demonstrating how to enter items into YorkSpace

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