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    • Active Digital Preservation and Data/Metadata Migration 

      Estlund, Karen; Ruest, Nick (2017-04-04)
      Digital preservation activities increasingly focus on the movement of data and metadata between systems. This panel will present case studies in moving content through preservation activities with APTrust, the Digital ...
    • The Archives Unleashed Notebook: Madlibs for Jumpstarting Scholarly Exploration 

      Deschamps, Ryan; Ruest, Nick; Lin, Jimmy; Fritz, Samantha; Milligan, Ian (2019)
      This paper introduces the Archives Unleashed Notebook, which is designed to work with derivative datasets from the Archives Unleashed Cloud, a platform for analyzing web archives. These datasets contain common starting ...
    • Building Community and Tools for Analyzing Web Archives through Datathons 

      Milligan, Ian; Casemajor, Nathalie; Fritz, Samantha; Lin, Jimmy; Ruest, Nick; Weber, Matthew S.; Worby, Nicholas (2019)
      Starting in March 2016, the Archives Unleashed team and our collaborators have brought together social scientists, humanists, archivists, librarians, computer scientists, and other stakeholders to explore web archives as ...
    • Building Successful, Open Repository Software Ecosystems: Technology and Community 

      Ruest, Nick; Mumma, Courtney; Fleming, Declan; Giarlo, Michael; Woods, Andrew (2014-06-10)
      Archivematica, AtoM (Access to Memory), Fedora, Hydra, and Islandora provide a set of functions which contribute to a diverse curation and repository ecosystem. They are also projects existing in a greater open source ...
    • Content Selection and Curation for Web Archiving: The Gatekeepers vs. the Masses 

      Milligan, Ian; Ruest, Nick; Lin, Jimmy (2016)
      Any preservation effort must begin with an assessment of what content to preserve, and web archiving is no different. There have historically been two answers to the question "what should we archive?'' The Internet Archive's ...
    • Content Selection and Curation for Web Archiving; The Gatekeepers vs the Masses (Presentation) 

      Ruest, Nick (2016-06-22)
      Any preservation effort must begin with an assessment of what content to preserve, and web archiving is no different. There have historically been two answers to the question "what should we archive?'' The Internet Archive's ...
    • The Cost of a WARC: Analyzing Web Archives in the Cloud 

      Deschamps, Ryan; Fritz, Samantha; Lin, Jimmy; Milligan, Ian; Ruest, Nick (2019)
      The value of web archives to support scholarship in the humanities and social sciences is slowly being realized by the increasing availability of scalable tools and platforms. The cost of providing scholarly access is a ...
    • CURATEcamp iPres 2012 

      Jordan, Mark; Mumma, Courtney; Ruest, Nick (Ariadne, 2012-12-13)
      Mark Jordan, Courtney Mumma, Nick Ruest and the participants of CURATEcamp iPres 2012 report on this unconference for digital curation practitioners and researchers, held on 2 October 2012 in Toronto.
    • d3 Data Visualization Bootcamp 

      Ruest, Nick; Suhonos, MJ (2013-06-07)
      Brief introduction of data visualization concepts, brief introduction of d3, and a walkthrough of three exercises using library datasets.
    • Desiderata for Exploratory Search Interfaces to Web Archives in Support of Scholarly Activities 

      Jackson, Andrew; Lin, Jimmy; Milligan, Ian; Ruest, Nick (2016)
      Web archiving initiatives around the world capture ephemeral web content to preserve our collective digital memory. In this paper, we describe initial experiences in providing an exploratory search interface to web archives ...
    • Digital Preservation Tools, Practices, and Policies in Islandora 

      Ruest, Nick; Jordan, Mark; Moses, Donald (2014-06-10)
      There exists many standards and best practices in the digital preservation community, but not many of these practices are implemented as easy to use tools in our digital repository platforms. This presentation will focus ...
    • Enabling Access to Old Wu-Tang Clan Fan Sites: Facilitating Interdisciplinary Web Archive Collaboration 

      Ruest, Nick; Milligan, Ian (2016-03-08)
      The growth of digital sources since the advent of the World Wide Web in 1991, and the commencement of widespread web archiving in 1996, presents profound new opportunities for social and cultural opportunities. In simple ...
    • Engaging the Public with Web Archives: Providing Access to 10 Years of Political History with 

      Ruest, Nick; Milligan, Ian (2016-05-31)
      Introduction The growth of digital sources since the advent of the World Wide Web in 1990-91 presents profound opportunities for historians. Large web archives contain billions of webpages, and now make it possible ...
    • An exploratory look at 3,039,804 #elxn42 tweets 

      Ruest, Nick; Milligan, Ian (2016-04-14)
      This presentation examines the tools, approaches, collaboration, and findings of the Web Archives for Historical Research Group around the capture and analysis of Twitter for the 2015 Canadian Federal Election. While ...
    • Gettin Sh*t Done in the Digital Archives 

      Ruest, Nick; St.Onge, Anna (2013-09-23)
      We live in a reality where official documents are born, revised and disseminated online. Most post-secondary institutions have record retention schedules to facilitate the transfer of official records with lasting historical ...
    • The Great WARC Adventure: WARCs from creation to use 

      Ruest, Nick; Milligan, Ian (2014-06-26)
      We live in a reality where documents are born, revised and disseminated online. Every day, users record their thoughts, feelings, locations, ratings, votes, comments, reviews, jokes, and so forth; an assemblage of traces ...
    • Hands on with warcbase 

      Milligan, Ian; Ruest, Nick (2016-04-15)
      Warcbase is an open-source platform for managing web archives built on Hadoop and HBase. The platform provides a flexible data model for storing and managing raw content as well as metadata and extracted knowledge. Tight ...
    • Introduction to Islandora 

      Ruest, Nick; Stapelfeldt, Kirsta (2014-11-20)
      This presentation will offer an introduction to Islandora, an open-source Digital Asset Management platform, including the project’s purpose, architecture, history, functions, and community. The session will also demo ...
    • Islandora and Fedora 4; The Atonement. 

      Ruest, Nick; Lamb, Daniel (2015-06-11)
      In the context of repository platforms, Islandora has a fair bit of age, and with that a fair bit of cruft. In the early winter of 2014/2015 the Islandora community began working on a project plan to outline what would be ...
    • The Islandora Web ARChive Solution Pack 

      Ruest, Nick (2013-07-13)
      We are now living in a reality where official records are born and disseminated via the Internet. Many institutions have a strategy in place for transferring official university records that are print or tactile to university ...

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