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    • The Balance Point: Libraries as Journal Publishers 

      Dyas-Correia, Sharon; Anali, Maughan Perry; Borchert, Carol Ann; Deliyannides, Timothy S.; Kosavic, Andrea; Kennison, Rebecca (Elsevier, 2011-09)
      Increasing library involvement in journal hosting and publishing is an important topic for serialists. This installment of “The Balance Point” column presents articles that offer descriptions and analyses of the current ...
    • Creative Commons and Beyond 

      Bristow, Timothy; Dupuis, John; Kosavic, Andrea; Wang, Sharon (2013)
      Learn more about creative commons (CC) and the licensing options available. Open access will be discussed in relation to copyright, clarifying the importance of creative commons. The Panton Principles will be explained, ...
    • Dataset: The Accessible Content Provider Landscape for Higher Education in North America 

      Hatton, Meredith; Kosavic, Andrea (2019-01-28)
      The aim of this study was to capture the current state of the accessible content provider landscape to glean best practices in the field to inform current praxis as well as identify future areas of research concentration. ...
    • Empowering Authors 

      Wang, Sharon; Kosavic, Andrea (2007-12-18)
      This presentation will begin with a discussion of scholarly communications issues from the author's point of view. Tools and strategies to help authors manage their rights will be introduced.
    • Introduction to digitization: an overview 

      Kosavic, Andrea (2008-07-16)
      Introduces the benefits and disadvantages of digitization. Discusses metadata and the digitization of images, audio and moving images. 2009 lecture discusses digitization project management and dissemination platforms.
    • Introduction to YorkSpace 

      Kosavic, Andrea (2010-07)
      Provides an introduction to repositories and their benefits, presents some statistics for YorkSpace.
    • Managing Digitization Projects 

      Kosavic, Andrea; St.Onge, Anna (2010-03-10)
    • Modeling Scholarly Communication as an Information System 

      Marks, Stephen; Kosavic, Andrea (2011-09-28)
      Many studies purport to describe the costs and benefits of different models of scholarly communication. However, in order to evaluate these claims, a consistent framework describing the social environment in which these ...
    • Once more with meaning: the semantic web 

      Giesbrecht, Walter; Kosavic, Andrea (2009-02-02)
      What is the semantic web? How can the semantic web help us find, combine and share information via the web? Learn about the ideas behind the semantic web, how far it has come, and where it has yet to go. See the semantic ...
    • Open Repositories 2007 Conference Findings 

      Kosavic, Andrea (2007-02-14)
      Topics discussed are Interoperability, OAI-ORE, Manakin XML UI, Dark Archives, BibApp mashup, SIMILE project at MIT.
    • Synergies Initiatives at York University Libraries 

      Kosavic, Andrea (2007-06-13)
      Synergies Background, About York Digital Journals, Open Journal Systems functionality, OJS at York, Local Challenges, Synergies Challenges
    • Synergies, An Introduction 

      Kosavic, Andrea (2007-08-27)
      Provides a basic introduction to the Synergies Initiative.
    • What would the cost of your last term paper be without library access? 

      Kosavic, Andrea (2014-10-20)
      In honour of Open Access Week 2014, I asked the question, “What would the cost of your last term paper be without library access?”. I strategically chose to parse the Works Cited section for a paper I wrote in December ...
    • York Digital Journals and York Conference Server presentations 

      Kosavic, Andrea (2010-10-28)
      Thes presentations introduce Open Journal Systems and Open Conference Systems, and describe how York University Libraries are using these platforms to help the York community publish their journals and conference proceedings ...
    • The York Digital Journals Project: Strategies for Institutional Open Journal Systems Implementations 

      Kosavic, Andrea (American Library Association, 2010-07)
      Embarking on a university wide journal-hosting initiative can be a resource-intensive undertaking. Providing such a service, however, can be equally rewarding, as it positions the library as both partner and colleague in ...

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