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    • The Right Answer to Pontius Pilate 

      Harris, H. S. (Coronado Press, Lawrence, Kansas, 1970)
      The basic position underlying the argument here stated is that rationality, the distinguishing characteristic of homo sapiens is a social product and that man could not be a rational animal if he were not already a social one.
    • The World That Has Lost Itself 

      Harris, H. S. (Literary Review of Canada, Dec-95)
      An essay on ‘cultural dispossession’ that examines the consequences of a society that is ignorant of its tradition and some proposed remedies.
    • Would Hegel Be A 'Hegelian' Today? 

      Harris, H. S. (1980-10-02)
      Discussion of whether it is possible to be a Hegelian today. Author replies in the affirmative and what it means to be a Hegelian today.

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