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dc.contributor.authorShakespeare, William
dc.description1. Program (3 copies) [Attached] 2. Hoff, Geoff. (Aired on Feb. 26, 1976). CHUM FM typescript of play review. (3 copies) 3. Rutherford, Jindra. (1976, Feb. 11). "Othello at Glendon College" News Release. [typescript](8 copies) 4. Doreen Hess and Glen Gaynor in a poignant scene from Othello. (1976, Feb.). Pro Tem. 5. Letter of Invitation [typescript] (5 copies, 1st through final draft). 6. Unidentified Author. (1976, Feb. 18). Othello, singers among upcoming events. The Mirror. 7. Everard, Mark. (1976, Jan. 28). Long hours for Othello. Pro Tem. 8. Freed, Forster. (1976, March 4). Glendon's Othello lets down fans of the Bard. Excalibur. 9. Green, Louis. (1976, March 19). Insult to Othello. Excalibur. 10. Green, Louis. (1976, Feb. 18). College players excel in Othello. The Liberal. 11. Sarosiak, Ronn. (1976, March 3). Othello - a technically professional but lacklustre performance. Pro Tem. 12. Buchanan, Jaimie. (1976, March 10). An open letter to the cast and crew of Othello. Pro Tem. 13. Green, Louis. (1976, March 10). Speaking of Critics. Pro Tem. 14. Everard, Mark. (1976, Feb. 4). Melvin stars as Othello. Pro Tem.
dc.description.abstractArchival file for the Glendon College production of Othello, produced and directed by Michael Gregory. The play was performed February 25 to March 2, 1976.
dc.publisherGlendon College Creative Writing and Dramatic Arts Program
dc.titleOthello (1976)en

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