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    • Just keep on smiling. 

      Von Tilzer, Albert [composer]; Fleeson, Neville [lyricist] (Toronto : Leo Feist Inc., 1922., 1922)
    • Look on the bright side. 

      Welch, Elsie Allen [composer]; Farrell, W. Earthman [lyricist] (Nashville, Tenn. : Standard Music, 1925, 1925)
    • Never Mind. 

      Breau, Louis [composer]; Sanders, Nat [composer] (New York : Shapiro, Bernstein & Co., 1922., 1922)
    • Something came and got me in the spring. 

      Deiro, Pietro [arranger]; Schwartz, Jean [composer]; Rich, Max [composer]; Scholl, Jack [lyricist] (New York : Stasny-Lang, 1936, 1936)
    • Sunny days will come again 

      Ransford, Mr. [lyricist]; Russell, Henry [composer] (New York : Wm. A. Pond & Co., [n.d.])
    • Sunny disposish. 

      Charig, Phil [composer]; Gershwin, Ira [lyricist] (New York : Harms Inc., 1926, 1926)
    • Sunny side up 

      Gaynor, Janet [performer]; Weiss, Joseph M. [arranger]; De Sylva, B. G. (Buddy Gard) [composer]; Brown, Lew [composer]; Henderson, Ray [composer] (New York : De Sylva, Brown and Henderson, Inc., 1929., 1929)
    • Sunny side up 

      De Sylva, B. G. (Buddy Gard) [composer]; Brown, Lew [composer]; Henderson, Ray [composer] (New York : DeSylva, Brown & Henderson, Inc., 1929., 1929)
    • Why worry. 

      Bayes, Nora [performer]; Simons, Seymour [composer] (New York : Jerome H. Remick & Co., 1920, 1920)

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