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    • Kiss me again. 

      Herbert, Victor [composer]; Blossom, Henry [lyricist] (New York : M. Witmark & Sons, 1915, 1915)
    • Kiss me good-bye. 

      Owen, Anita [composer] (New York : Jones Music Co., 1920., 1920)
    • Kiss me I've never been kissed before. 

      Puck, Harry [composer]; Kalmar, Bert [lyricist] (New York : Kalmar & Puck Music Co., 1913, 1913)
    • Kiss me my honey, kiss me. 

      Berlin, Irving [lyricist]; Snyder, Ted [composer]; Butler, Little Amy [performer] (New York : Ted Snyder Co. Music Publishers, 1910, 1910)
    • Kiss me with your eyes 

      Eldred, Raymond B. [composer]; Gillespie, Haven [lyricist] (San Francisco, Calif. : Villa Moret, 1929., 1929)
    • Kiss me, dearest, kiss me, do 

      Berény, Henri [composer]; Paulton, Edward A. (Edward Antonio) [lyricist]
    • Kiss your hand 

      Heins, Carl [composer] (New York : Century Music Publishing, 1905., 1905)
    • Kissable lips. 

      Schwartz, Jean [composer]; Atteridge, Harold Richard [lyricist] (New York : Harms Inc., 1923., 1923)
    • Kissing bug 

      Johnson, Chas. L. (Charles Leslie) [composer] (Louisville, KY : Keith Music Co., 1909, 1909)
    • Kitten on the keys. 

      Confrey, Zez [composer]; Coslow, Sam [lyricist] (New York : Jack Mills Inc., 1922., 1922)
    • The kitten with the big green eyes. 

      Terry, George N. [arranger]; Sharbutt, Del [composer]; Vann, Al [lyricist]; Stanton, Frank H. (Francis Hayward) [lyricist] (New York : Famous Music Corporation, 1940, 1940)
    • Kitty MacKay. 

      Marshall, Henry I. [composer]; Murphy, Stanley [lyricist] (New York : Jerome H. Remick & Co., 1914, 1914)
    • Klondike rag 

      Botsford, George [composer] (New York : Denton and Haskins Music Pub. Co., 1928, 1928)
    • Knock at the door. 

      Kassel, Art [composer]; Clark, Frank H. [composer]; Olson & Johnson [lyricist] (New York : Henry Waterson Inc., 1924., 1924)
    • Knock wood 

      Von Tilzer, Harry [composer]; Sterling, Andrew B. [lyricist] (New York : Harry Von Tilzer Music Publishing Co., 1911., 1911)
    • Knock wood. 

      Von Tilzer, Harry [composer]; Sterling, Andrew B. [lyricist] (New York : Harry Von Tilzer, 1911, 1911)
    • Kokomo. 

      Dreyer, Dave [composer]; Gerber, Alex [lyricist] (New York : Irving Berlin Inc., 1923., 1923)
    • Koniec swiata mazury 

      Wrońskiego, Adama [composer] (Buffalo, New York : Henry Schunke & Co., [no date], [date of p)
    • Kosher Kitty Kelly. 

      De Costa, Leon [composer] (New York : Harms Inc., 1925, 1925)
    • Krinolin 

      Norris, Alfred W. [composer] (Saginaw, Michigan : A. W. Norris, ©1894., 1894)

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