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    • Lessons learned from knowledge mobilisation: turning research into action 

      Zanotti, Daniele; Johnny, Michael; Phipps, David (The Association of Commonwealth Universities, 09-Jun)
    • Student internships bridge research to real world problems 

      Hynie, Michaela; Jensen, Krista; Johnny, Michael; Wedlock, Jane; Phipps, David (Emerald Group Publishing, 11-Jan)
      Purpose - The purpose of this paper is to evaluate whether unstructured graduate student research internships conducted in collaboration with community agencies build capacity and knowledge for students and community.
    • Are you engaged in engagement? 

      Phipps, David (Association of Commonwealth Universities, 15-Mar)
      December 2014 saw the launch of the ACU Engage Community – a new special interest group for all those working or involved in university community engagement. Here, David Phipps offers an overview of this important area and ...
    • Do Welfare Reforms Make Abused Women Safer? 

      Mosher, Janet; Evans, Patricia M.; Little, Margaret (2007)
      Welfare reforms over the last decade have sustained, and even enhanced, the power of abusive men.
    • Path to Good Quality and Affordable Housing Is More Difficult for Refugee Claimants Than for Sponsored Refugees 

      Murdie, Robert (2008)
      More formal supports for getting affordable and good quality housing are needed for the refugee population in Canada, especially for refugee claimants. While the support of family, friends, and the local community can help ...
    • Canada's HIV-Positive Youth Desperately Lack Services and Social Support 

      Flicker, Sarah; Skinner, Harvey; Read, Stanley; Veinot, Tiffany; McClelland, Alex; Saulnier, Paul; Goldberg, Eudice (2008)
      Young people living with HIV need greater support to minimize the barriers to their full participation in society.
    • Using the Internet to Help HIV-Positive Youth 

      Flicker, Sarah; Skinner, Harvey; Read, Stanley; Veinot, Tiffany; McClelland, Alex; Saulnier, Paul; Goldberg, Eudice (2008)
      The internet is a useful medium for assisting HIV positive youth. Youth need a dedicated website to access information, services, and social support to help manage their HIV.
    • Street Youth Are Among the Most Victimized Populations in Canada 

      Gaetz, Stephen (2008)
      Compared to youth who have homes, street youth are much more likely to be victims of crime. Young homeless women are particularly vulnerable.
    • Negative Comments About Weight, from a Peer, Can Impact How a Young Woman Views Her Body 

      Mills, Jennifer; Miller, Jessie L. (2008)
      When it comes from a peer, a negative comment about a young woman's weight can make her feel unhappy with her body – even when the young woman is not overly concerned with her weight. This is the first study to demonstrate ...
    • Failure Influences How Men View Their Bodies 

      Mills, Jennifer; D'Alfonso, Sante R. (2008)
      When men fail, they feel bad about their general appearance and physical ability – but when they fail to a woman, men see themselves as less muscular. Men view their masculinity through the amount of muscle they have. The ...
    • Media Images of Objectified Women Can Have a Harmful Effect on Men 

      Mills, Jennifer; Johnson, Philip Jai; McCreary, Donald R. (2008)
      Even mild images of objectified women can make men feel hostile and anxious.
    • Changing Mosquito Control Practices Supports Greater Success 

      Yan, Norman; Baker, Stacey L. (2008)
      West Nile is a serious public health issue in Ontario. This research shows that in modifying treatments for mosquito populations 6 times fewer mosquitoes survive than traditional approaches. Rather than cleaning and treating ...
    • Beating Homelessness Is About More Than Just Getting Housing 

      Anucha, Uzo; Smylie, Lisa; Mitchell, Colleen; Omorodion, Francisca (2008)
      While getting housing is central to solving homelessness, there needs to be an overall improvement in healthcare, education, and social assistance for the poor.
    • Community Based Participatory Research Is Useful When Done Properly 

      Flicker, Sarah (2008)
      The Community Based Participatory Research method is an excellent approach to doing health research as it can potentially benefit the participants, researchers, and community service providers. The significant costs, in ...
    • Domestic Violence Is Widespread in Guyana 

      Peake, Linda; Staeheli, Lynn A.; Kofman, Eleonore (2008)
      Domestic violence is a widespread part of everyday life in Guyana. Although the vast majority of abusers are men, women also engage in violence, especially when they have power over vulnerable people such as children and ...
    • City Dwellers Redefine What It Means to Be a Citizen 

      Gilbert, Liette; Phillips, Catherine (2008)
      This research may help policymakers and community groups to better understand the needs of city dwellers in Canada. It highlights the benefits of continued activism and rights reform by citizens. Policymakers who are ...
    • When Buyers and Suppliers Work Together, the Environment Wins 

      Biehl, Markus; Joshi, Ashwin (2008)
      When buyers collaborate with their suppliers, the suppliers are more likely to invest in technologies that not only react to environmental problems but prevent them. These investments have benefits for both the suppliers ...
    • Improved Discharge Planning Will Help Put an End to Prison Revolving Door for the Homeless 

      Gaetz, Stephen; O'Grady, Bill (2008)
      The issue of homelessness and prisoner re-entry deserves more political attention. Almost every prisoner will eventually be released back into the community. Therefore, it is important to improve discharge planning and ...
    • Ghanaian Immigrants Use Religion to Affirm Their Identity 

      Mensah, Joseph (2008)
      Ghanaian immigrants in Toronto use their churches not only for spiritual support, but also to form social networks and affirm their cultural identity. Racism causes some immigrants to turn to religion – which, in turn, can ...
    • How to Prevent Homelessness When a Bed Is a Home? 

      Anucha, Uzo (2008)
      While shared-housing programs are a useful strategy for keeping many people from becoming homeless, others need more independent housing in order to climb out of poverty. There is an urgent need for more self-contained ...