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    • Lessons learned from knowledge mobilisation: turning research into action 

      Zanotti, Daniele; Johnny, Michael; Phipps, David (The Association of Commonwealth Universities, 09-Jun)
    • Student internships bridge research to real world problems 

      Hynie, Michaela; Jensen, Krista; Johnny, Michael; Wedlock, Jane; Phipps, David (Emerald Group Publishing, 11-Jan)
      Purpose - The purpose of this paper is to evaluate whether unstructured graduate student research internships conducted in collaboration with community agencies build capacity and knowledge for students and community.
    • Are you engaged in engagement? 

      Phipps, David (Association of Commonwealth Universities, 15-Mar)
      December 2014 saw the launch of the ACU Engage Community – a new special interest group for all those working or involved in university community engagement. Here, David Phipps offers an overview of this important area and ...
    • Do Welfare Reforms Make Abused Women Safer? 

      Mosher, Janet; Evans, Patricia M.; Little, Margaret (2007)
      Welfare reforms over the last decade have sustained, and even enhanced, the power of abusive men.
    • Affordable Housing Is Crucial to Successful Integration of Immigrants in Toronto 

      Murdie, Robert (2008)
      The present rental housing market in Toronto does not have the variety, affordability, and access that is needed to help immigrants to successfully integrate into Canadian society. More attention needs to be paid to the ...
    • The Health Bus Delivers Innovative Healthcare to the Urban Poor 

      Daiski, Isolde (2008)
      Services like the Health Bus need to be continued and expanded. Bringing healthcare staff into vulnerable communities gives many users a chance to bond with the healthcare staff. This helps break down traditional barriers ...
    • Changing Mosquito Control Practices Supports Greater Success 

      Yan, Norman; Baker, Stacey L. (2008)
      West Nile is a serious public health issue in Ontario. This research shows that in modifying treatments for mosquito populations 6 times fewer mosquitoes survive than traditional approaches. Rather than cleaning and treating ...
    • An Immigrant's Country of Origin Has a Small Effect on What He or She Earns in Canada 

      Anisef, Paul; Walters, David; Phythian, Kelli (2008)
      The cultural and economic conditions of the country from which an immigrant originates have a small impact on what he or she earns in Canada. Canada remains a good destination for immigrants.
    • Language Use Affects How Much an Immigrant Earns 

      Anisef, Paul; Walters, David; Phythian, Kelli (2008)
      Recent immigrants tend to have good educations. However, their language use and the amount of time that they have spent in Canada can have an impact on their earnings.
    • How Do Small Companies Attract the Attention of Their Corporate Parents? 

      Bouquet, Cyril; Birkinshaw, Julian; Ambos, Tina (2008)
      Subsidiaries that are remote from their corporate headquarters need to take on initiatives and build their profile in order to attract positive attention from their parent companies.
    • Emotionally Intelligent People Choose More Supportive Partners 

      Mongrain, Myriam; Amitaya, Oren Aaron (2008)
      Emotionally intelligent people – in other words, people with a greater ability to understand and use their emotions in their day-to-day life – tend to choose romantic partners who are supportive and not critical. The ...
    • Beating Homelessness Is About More Than Just Getting Housing 

      Anucha, Uzo; Smylie, Lisa; Mitchell, Colleen; Omorodion, Francisca (2008)
      While getting housing is central to solving homelessness, there needs to be an overall improvement in healthcare, education, and social assistance for the poor.
    • Homeless People Need Stable Employment and Coordinated Services to Climb Out of Poverty 

      Baker Collins, Stephanie; Lethby, Michael; Syrotuik, James; Collins, Laura (2008)
      Before any successful employment, the homeless need stable and secure housing. Employment programs for the homeless should be designed to help with all of the barriers that homeless people face in getting a stable job. The ...
    • Diversity Is an Important Classroom Resource 

      Schecter, Sandra; Ippolito, John; Rashkovsky, Karine; Cummins, Jim; Chow, Patricia; Pease-Alvarez, Lucinda (2008)
      After-school programs, focused on immigrant students and their parents, can improve the performance of students and also get parents more involved in their children’s schooling. It is important to use diversity as a resource ...
    • Canada's HIV-Positive Youth Desperately Lack Services and Social Support 

      Flicker, Sarah; Skinner, Harvey; Read, Stanley; Veinot, Tiffany; McClelland, Alex; Saulnier, Paul; Goldberg, Eudice (2008)
      Young people living with HIV need greater support to minimize the barriers to their full participation in society.
    • Community Based Participatory Research Is Useful When Done Properly 

      Flicker, Sarah (2008)
      The Community Based Participatory Research method is an excellent approach to doing health research as it can potentially benefit the participants, researchers, and community service providers. The significant costs, in ...
    • Using the Internet to Help HIV-Positive Youth 

      Flicker, Sarah; Skinner, Harvey; Read, Stanley; Veinot, Tiffany; McClelland, Alex; Saulnier, Paul; Goldberg, Eudice (2008)
      The internet is a useful medium for assisting HIV positive youth. Youth need a dedicated website to access information, services, and social support to help manage their HIV.
    • Groundbreaking Program Helps Make York Region More Inclusive 

      Hynie, Michaela; Singh, Mina (2008)
      The IAP has begun the work of making York Region a more welcoming place for newcomers and visible minorities. It needs to continue to collaborate with the community and to raise awareness of its goals.
    • Graduate Students Who Hold Themselves to High Standards Are More Prone to Depression Than Others 

      Mongrain, Myriam; Leather, Faith (2008)
      Academic perfectionists are more prone to major depression than others. Self-critical and 'needy' personality types are at risk for experiencing recurring bouts of major depression.
    • Domestic Violence Is Widespread in Guyana 

      Peake, Linda; Staeheli, Lynn A.; Kofman, Eleonore (2008)
      Domestic violence is a widespread part of everyday life in Guyana. Although the vast majority of abusers are men, women also engage in violence, especially when they have power over vulnerable people such as children and ...

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