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    • Homeless People Need Stable Employment and Coordinated Services to Climb Out of Poverty 

      Baker-Collins, Stephanie; Lethby, Michael; Syrotuik, James; Collins, Laura (2008)
      Before any successful employment, the homeless need stable and secure housing. Employment programs for the homeless should be designed to help with all of the barriers that homeless people face in getting a stable job. The ...
    • Governments Are Key Players in Globalization 

      Panitch, Leo (2008)
      Labour unions, and not states, are the real victims of globalization. States play a key role in making globalization happen. Social democratic and labour parties are increasingly trying to adapt to the process of globalization.
    • Brain Drain' between Provinces May Be Good for Canada 

      Bucovetsky, Sam (2008)
      Equalization and progressive taxation policies, which encourage the migration of highly qualified workers within a country's regions, may actually be good for the overall country. The migration of workers from poor regions ...
    • Affordable Housing Is Crucial to Successful Integration of Immigrants in Toronto 

      Murdie, Robert (2008)
      The present rental housing market in Toronto does not have the variety, affordability, and access that is needed to help immigrants to successfully integrate into Canadian society. More attention needs to be paid to the ...
    • When Buyers and Suppliers Work Together, the Environment Wins 

      Biehl, Markus; Joshi, Ashwin (2008)
      When buyers collaborate with their suppliers, the suppliers are more likely to invest in technologies that not only react to environmental problems but prevent them. These investments have benefits for both the suppliers ...
    • What Kinds of Companies Go Public? 

      Nandy, Debarshi; Chemmanur, Thomas J.; He, Shan (2008)
      A firm's productivity and sales growth will peak when the firm goes public. Sales, capital expenditures, and other costs associated with the company's product and market continue to increase after a firm makes its IPO.
    • Socially Responsible Investment Can Improve the Lives of Indigenous Peoples 

      Richardson, Benjamin (2008)
      The SRI movement is starting to champion Indigenous peoples. However, because the market for SRI remains small, some public regulation of financiers, to promote SRI, seems necessary. Financial institutions and Indigenous ...
    • Does the Tendency of Immigrants to Settle in Big Canadian Cities and in Enclaves Within These Cities Help Their Integration into Canadian Society? 

      Murdie, Robert (2008)
      The number of immigrants arriving in Canada is bound to either stay the same or increase in the future. Expanding access to services for newcomers remains a big challenge for federal and provincial governments. This challenge ...
    • Canada's HIV-Positive Youth Desperately Lack Services and Social Support 

      Flicker, Sarah; Skinner, Harvey; Read, Stanley; Veinot, Tiffany; McClelland, Alex; Saulnier, Paul; Goldberg, Eudice (2008)
      Young people living with HIV need greater support to minimize the barriers to their full participation in society.
    • Diversity Is an Important Classroom Resource 

      Schecter, Sandra; Ippolito, John; Rashkovsky, Karine; Cummins, Jim; Chow, Patricia; Pease-Alvarez, Lucinda (2008)
      After-school programs, focused on immigrant students and their parents, can improve the performance of students and also get parents more involved in their children’s schooling. It is important to use diversity as a resource ...
    • The Health Bus Delivers Innovative Healthcare to the Urban Poor 

      Daiski, Isolde (2008)
      Services like the Health Bus need to be continued and expanded. Bringing healthcare staff into vulnerable communities gives many users a chance to bond with the healthcare staff. This helps break down traditional barriers ...
    • Ghanaian Immigrants Use Religion to Affirm Their Identity 

      Mensah, Joseph (2008)
      Ghanaian immigrants in Toronto use their churches not only for spiritual support, but also to form social networks and affirm their cultural identity. Racism causes some immigrants to turn to religion – which, in turn, can ...
    • How to Prevent Homelessness When a Bed Is a Home? 

      Anucha, Uzo (2008)
      While shared-housing programs are a useful strategy for keeping many people from becoming homeless, others need more independent housing in order to climb out of poverty. There is an urgent need for more self-contained ...
    • Groundbreaking Program Helps Make York Region More Inclusive 

      Hynie, Michaela; Singh, Mina (2008)
      The IAP has begun the work of making York Region a more welcoming place for newcomers and visible minorities. It needs to continue to collaborate with the community and to raise awareness of its goals.
    • Planners Need to Address the Needs of Diverse Communities in Toronto 

      Rahder, Barbara; Milgrom, Richard (2008)
      City planners need to learn to work with increasingly diverse communities. Planners need to accept the fact that they cannot know the answer to a planning problem in advance.
    • Negative Comments About Weight, from a Peer, Can Impact How a Young Woman Views Her Body 

      Mills, Jennifer; Miller, Jessie L. (2008)
      When it comes from a peer, a negative comment about a young woman's weight can make her feel unhappy with her body – even when the young woman is not overly concerned with her weight. This is the first study to demonstrate ...
    • How Do the Homeless See Their Own Health Problems and Needs? 

      Daiski, Isolde (2008)
      Because the homeless have no stable housing, they are at a greater risk of developing chronic health problems than those who are housed. Homeless people are also more likely to develop conditions like arthritis at an earlier ...
    • Domestic Violence Is Widespread in Guyana 

      Peake, Linda; Staeheli, Lynn A.; Kofman, Eleonore (2008)
      Domestic violence is a widespread part of everyday life in Guyana. Although the vast majority of abusers are men, women also engage in violence, especially when they have power over vulnerable people such as children and ...
    • Homeless Youth Need More Than Low-Paying Employment to Succeed 

      Gaetz, Stephen (2008)
      Most homeless youth do not lack the motivation to work and do not prefer a criminal lifestyle to a law-abiding one. Homeless youth see deviant and criminal activities as a short term economic necessity for survival rather than ...
    • People Who Punish or Reward Tend to Moralize Even Conventional Behaviour 

      Bell, Chris; Hughes-Jones, Justin (2008)
      Managers who have to reward or punish others may be prone to moralizing. This can create problems because it may make the manager less tolerant of errant behavior while others in the social group, who may be wary of ...

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