Recent Submissions

  • Indigenous Environmental Justice Video Launch Event 

    Unknown author (2019-01-27)
    The IEJ Project has created four video vignettes that include the voices of Indigenous activists, youth, artists, grandmothers and elders who shared their stories and experiences with the project. In addition to the ...
  • Resisting Extractivism, Performing Opposition 

    Hussain, Nasreen (2019-03-02)
    On Saturday, March 2nd at the “Resisting Extractivism, Performing Opposition” symposium organized by Zoe Heyn-Jones of York University, the IEJ project was invited to open the day. Dr. Deborah McGregor and Nasreen Hussain ...
  • Walking for the Water 

    Hussain, Nasreen (2019-03-07)
    Kelsey Leonard is a PhD candidate from the Department of Political Science at McMaster University and the first Native American woman to earn a science degree from the University of Oxford, which she earned in 2012, she ...
  • Environmental Justice: A Panel on the Connections Between Environmentalism & Social Justice 

    Chiblow, Jayce (2019-03-20)
    The event, hosted by the Environmental Law Society at Osgoode Hall Law School, featured Associate Professor Dayna Scott and Associate Professor Deborah McGregor. Titled “Sex, Gender & Environmental Justice”, Professor Scott ...
  • Politics, Knowledge, Ecology, Culture 

    Saherwala, Abdeali (2019-04-08)
    Politics, Knowledge, Ecology, Culture was conducted by The Centre for Feminist Research Projects and it was part of their 2nd annual Indigenous Women’s Speakers’ series, where multiple Indigenous scholars presented their ...

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