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dc.contributor.authorCameron, Evan Wm.
dc.contributor.authorHehner, Barbara
dc.description.abstractBy evidence and common consent, great 'western' movies are mythical encompassing a Weltanschauung that has engaged viewers within diverse cultures for over a century. Questions recur, however. What makes them so? and why have they proven so enticing to male viewers in particular? Within this essay I and Barbara Hehner address those questions, attending to the design of HIGH NOON as exemplary.en_US
dc.rightsAttribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 Canada*
dc.subjectBeing and Time
dc.subjectBig sleep (Motion picture : 1946)
dc.subjectButch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (Motion picture)
dc.subjectCawelti, John
dc.subjectChandler, Raymond
dc.subjectCooper, Gary
dc.subjectEgan, Richard
dc.subjectEverson, William K.
dc.subjectFenin, George N.
dc.subjectFistful of dollars (Motion picture)
dc.subjectFleischer, Richard
dc.subjectFor whom the bell tolls (Motion picture)
dc.subjectGeorge Smiley
dc.subjectGilligan, Carol
dc.subjectGuns of Fort Petticoat (Motion picture)
dc.subjectHaskell, Mollie
dc.subjectHehner, Barbara
dc.subjectHeidegger, Martin
dc.subjectHemingway, Ernest
dc.subjectHigh noon (Motion picture)
dc.subjectHouse Committee on Un-American Activities
dc.subjectHuston, John
dc.subjectJames Bond
dc.subjectJurado, Katy
dc.subjectKant, Immanuel
dc.subjectKey Largo (Motion picture)
dc.subjectKitses, Jim
dc.subjectKohlberg, Lawrence
dc.subjectKurosawa, Akira
dc.subjectLeone, Sergio
dc.subjectLévi-Strauss, Claude
dc.subjectLoevinger, Jane
dc.subjectMcLaglen, Victor
dc.subjectMagnificent seven (Motion picture : 1960)
dc.subjectMarshall, George
dc.subjectMontgomery, Robert
dc.subjectMurray, Don
dc.subjectMy darling Clementine (Motion picture)
dc.subjectNational Socialism
dc.subjectNolan, Jeannette
dc.subjectO'Hara, Maureen
dc.subjectOrtega Y Gasset, José
dc.subjectPeckinpah, Sam
dc.subjectPhilip Marlowe
dc.subjectPopper, Karl
dc.subjectPropp, Vladimir
dc.subjectRemick, Lee
dc.subjectRide the high country (Motion picture)
dc.subjectRio Grande (Motion picture)
dc.subjectSartre, Jean-Paul
dc.subjectScreenwriting, History of
dc.subjectSeven samurai (Motion picture)
dc.subjectSturges, John
dc.subjectSuzuki, David
dc.subjectThese thousand hills (Motion picture)
dc.subjectTreasure of the Sierra Madre (Motion picture)
dc.subjectTuska, Jon
dc.subjectWild bunch (Motion picture)
dc.subjectWarshow, Robert
dc.subjectWittgenstein, Ludwig
dc.subjectWright, Will
dc.subjectYojimbo (Motion picture)
dc.subjectZweig, Eric
dc.subjectCameron, Evanen_US
dc.subjectCameron, Evan
dc.title'In a Moment of Brilliance': Heidegger's Horsemen, HIGH NOON and the Existential Sentiment of 'Westerns'en_US

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Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 Canada
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