Recent Submissions

  • Improving the Logging Practices in DevOps 

    Chen, Boyuan (2020-11-13)
    DevOps refers to a set of practices dedicated to accelerating modern software engineering process. It breaks the barriers between software development and IT operations and aims to produce and maintain high quality software ...
  • A Cloud-Based Extensible Avatar For Human Robot Interaction 

    AlTarawneh, Enas Khaled Ahm (2019-07-02)
    Adding an interactive avatar to a human-robot interface requires the development of tools that animate the avatar so as to simulate an intelligent conversation partner. Here we describe a toolkit that supports interactive ...
  • User Acquisition and Engagement in Digital News Media 

    Davoudi, Heidar (2019-03-05)
    Generating revenue has been a major issue for the news industry and journalism over the past decade. In fact, vast availability of free online news sources causes online news media agencies to face user acquisition and ...