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Evaluation Of Anti-Icing Polymer Coatings

Evaluation Of Anti-Icing Polymer Coatings

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Title: Evaluation Of Anti-Icing Polymer Coatings
Author: Tepylo, Nick
Huang, Xiao
Budinger, Marc
Rouset, Pierrick
Pommier-Budinger, Valérie
Identifier: CSME039
Abstract: Ice accumulation on aircraft, wind turbines and power lines can have detrimental effects, including efficiency reduction, mechanical failures and the creation of safety hazards. The aim of this study is to investigate the ice adhesion and wear resistance of three hydrophobic and icephobic coatings applied onto an aluminum substrate. Ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) coating was deposited using a plasma spray method while advanced liquid glass (ALG) and silicone R-2180 were both applied using dipping followed by furnace curing. Water was applied and frozen between both bare and coated surfaces using a custom built jig at -20 °C for 24 hours. The ice adhesion strength was measured using a lap shear test done inside an insulated chamber. The results showed low ice adhesion strengths for both ALG and silicone R-2180 coatings when compared to the bare surface. It was also found the silicone R-2180 coating had a higher wear rate than both the ETFE and ALG coatings. By combining icephobic coatings with an ultrasonic de-icing system, the power required by the system can be reduced, creating a low-powered active approach to the de-icing problem.
Subject: Materials Technology
Ultrasonic de-icing system
Ice adhesion
Type: Article
Rights: The copyright for the paper content remains with the author.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10315/35417
Published: CSME-SCGM
ISBN: 978-1-77355-023-7
Date: 2018-05

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