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Estimation And Control Of A Double-Inverted Pendulum

Estimation And Control Of A Double-Inverted Pendulum

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Title: Estimation And Control Of A Double-Inverted Pendulum
Author: Xu, Bowen
Lyu, You
Gadsden, Stephen Andrew
Identifier: CSME177
Abstract: This paper studies estimation and control methods applied on a double-inverted pendulum. The most popular estimation strategy, referred to as the Kalman filter (KF), was programmed and implemented on a double-inverted pendulum built by Quanser (Markham, Ontario). A linear quadratic regulator (LQR) was used to control the actuator joints of the double-inverted pendulum to keep it vertically balanced under different conditions. The application of the KF improved the tracking performance. The results of the paper are discussed, and future work is considered.
Subject: Mechatronics
Robots and Control
Double inverted pendulum
Control system;
Kalman filter
Type: Article
Rights: The copyright for the paper content remains with the author.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10315/35250
Published: CSME-SCGM
ISSN: 978-1-77355-023-7
Date: 2018-05

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