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    • Water Droplet Impact And Spreading On A Narrow Gap 

      Bouchard, Jordan; Chandra, Sanjeev (CSME-SCGM, 2018-11)
      The impact and spreading of a water droplet on a gap between two parallel plates has been studied experimentally. A deionized water droplet (2.03 mm diameter) impacted the plates at velocities of 0.06, 0.5, 1.0, and 1.5 ...
    • Wave Interaction Of Partially Immersed Semicircular Breakwater Suspended On Piles Using Flow-3D 

      Abozaid, Ahmed; Mahmod, Wael; Koraim, Ayman; Heikal, Elsadekl; Fath, Hassan (CSME-SCGM, 2018-05)
      This paper experimentally investigates the wave transmission through partially immersed semicircular breakwater suspended on two rows of circular piles. Different wave and structure parameters have been investigated such ...
    • Wind Loads On Cyclists Due To Passing Vehicles 

      Lubitz, William David; Rubie, Bryan (CSME-SCGM, 2018-05)
      Continuous wave photoacoustics has been under investigation for more than a decade. Matched-filtering and pulse compression techniques, which use a chirp waveform as input light source, have been implemented into this ...
    • Wind Turbine Wake Effect Visualization And LiDAR Measurement Techniques 

      Mckinnon, Michael; Johnson, David (CSME-SCGM, 2018-05)
      The expansion of wind energy development has resulted in larger wind farms and closer placement of turbines to utilize the space available. Each turbine produces a wake that affects downstream turbines, which causes issues ...

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