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dc.contributor.advisorDrummond, Susan
dc.creatorRoss, Sara Gwendolyn
dc.description.abstractThe deep process of revision needed in managing Toronto and Canadas urban intangible cultural heritage not only affects redevelopment decisions and cultural policies at the municipal level, and cultural heritage legislation and regulations at the provincial level, but it also calls for the need to address issues at the federal level, such as correctly acknowledging what terms like heritage value mean when drawn from international cultural heritage legislation and the currently unratified status of the UNESCO Convention on the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage within Canada. Through the application of urban legal anthropology, as well as through a lens drawing on urban legal geography, this dissertation canvases cases of unequal valuation of cultural spaces linked to musical subcultures and Torontos redevelopment strategies and Music City initiatives. It then turns to what has led to this unequal valuation and examines various existing legal tools in Ontario that lend themselves to counterhegemonic application allowing for better and more equitable intangible cultural heritage protection in the city. These tools will include, for example, the Ontario Heritage Act and Regulations and Heritage Conservation Districts among others. This dissertation also turns to international legal tools, and legal tools used in other jurisdictions, for the protection of intangible cultural heritage spaces, and which could realistically be implemented within existing Canadian and Ontarian heritage legislation. Finally, the importance of community consultation practices and paths towards more equitable and engaged community consultation will be explored. These are important considerations where encouraging and engaging the cultural and artistic expression of urban citizens is essential for creating societies and sustaining cities that value and respect cultural diversity and human rights.
dc.rightsAuthor owns copyright, except where explicitly noted. Please contact the author directly with licensing requests.
dc.subjectCultural anthropology
dc.titleLaw, Culture, and the City: Urban Legal Anthropology, the Counterhegemonic Use of Hegemonic Legal Tools, and the Management of Intangible Cultural Heritage Spaces Within Toronto's Municipal Legal Frameworks
dc.typeElectronic Thesis or Dissertation - Doctor of Philosophy
dc.subject.keywordsLegal Anthropology
dc.subject.keywordsUrban Legal Anthropology
dc.subject.keywordsComparative Law
dc.subject.keywordsCritical Legal Studies
dc.subject.keywordsMusic and Law
dc.subject.keywordsCultural Heritage
dc.subject.keywordsIntangible Heritage
dc.subject.keywordsIntergenerational Equity
dc.subject.keywordsBuen Viver
dc.subject.keywordsDrum ‘n’ Bass
dc.subject.keywordsHouse Music
dc.subject.keywordsLive Music
dc.subject.keywordsMusic Venues
dc.subject.keywordsMunicipal Law
dc.subject.keywordsInternational Law
dc.subject.keywordsUN Habitat
dc.subject.keywordsRight to Culture
dc.subject.keywordsRight to the City
dc.subject.keywordsCultural Rights
dc.subject.keywordsCivil Law
dc.subject.keywordsAgent of Change
dc.subject.keywordsAffinity Spaces
dc.subject.keywordsSocial Media Methodologies
dc.subject.keywordsCultural Capital
dc.subject.keywordsUse Value
dc.subject.keywordsExchange Value
dc.subject.keywordsRapid Ethnographic Assessment Procedures
dc.subject.keywordsMusic City
dc.subject.keywordsCreative City
dc.subject.keywordsUrban Law
dc.subject.keywordsUrban Studies
dc.subject.keywordsBurra Charter
dc.subject.keywordsCultural Spaces
dc.subject.keywordsCommunity Cultural Wealth
dc.subject.keywordsArticle 976 CCQ
dc.subject.keywordsCommodification of Culture

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