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dc.contributor.advisorBliek, Rob van der
dc.creatorDimech, Joseph R.
dc.description.abstractThis thesis has two goals, documenting the life of the jazz bassist Steve Davis, who is remembered for being the bassist in John Coltranes 1960 quartet and his appearances on the albums My Favorite Things, Coltrane Plays The Blues, and Coltranes Sound, as well as exploring the difficulties inherent in researching obscure jazz figures such as Steve Davis. Using Davis life as a case study, this thesis will examine the difficulties in conducting genealogical research on an African-American figure; the coverage of jazz in the Philadelphia black press throughout the late 1940s and 1950s; the coverage of lesser known figures in jazz magazines such as Down Beat and Coda throughout the 1960s; and the challenges of researching the jazz scene in a smaller city such as Rochester, New York during the 1970s. This thesis will also provide new insights into the Coltrane Quartet from the perspective of Steve Davis.
dc.rightsAuthor owns copyright, except where explicitly noted. Please contact the author directly with licensing requests.
dc.subjectBlack history
dc.titleAlways Out of Sight, Just Below the Surface: Steve Davis and the Problems of Researching Jazz Musicians
dc.typeElectronic Thesis or Dissertation - Master of Arts's
dc.subject.keywordsJohn Coltrane
dc.subject.keywordsSteve Davis
dc.subject.keywordsKhadijah Davis
dc.subject.keywordsNaima Coltrane
dc.subject.keywordsMcCoy Tyner
dc.subject.keywordsJimmy Oliver
dc.subject.keywordsFreddy Cole
dc.subject.keywordsFreddie McCoy
dc.subject.keywordsJames Moody
dc.subject.keywordsLee Morgan
dc.subject.keywordsClifford Brown
dc.subject.keywordsEddie Jefferson
dc.subject.keywordsRudy Lawless
dc.subject.keywordsGrachan Moncur III
dc.subject.keywordsKenny Baron
dc.subject.keywordsRed Garland
dc.subject.keywordsPhilly Joe Jones
dc.subject.keywordsJoe Henderson
dc.subject.keywordsWayne Shorter
dc.subject.keywordsGap Mangione
dc.subject.keywordsDanny D'Imperio
dc.subject.keywordsAndy Calabrese
dc.subject.keywordsJoe Locke
dc.subject.keywordsSteve Curry
dc.subject.keywordsSteve Kuhn
dc.subject.keywordsHarry "Sweets" Edison
dc.subject.keywordsSonny Stitt
dc.subject.keywordsLester Young
dc.subject.keywordsChuck Mangione
dc.subject.keywordsSal Nistico
dc.subject.keywordsReggie Workman
dc.subject.keywordsPaul Chambers
dc.subject.keywordsJimmy Garrison
dc.subject.keywordsPhiladelphia Afro-American
dc.subject.keywordsPhiladelphia Tribune
dc.subject.keywordsDown Beat
dc.subject.keywordsJoe Sewell
dc.subject.keywordsJimmy Hinsley
dc.subject.keywordsJames "Sax" Young
dc.subject.keywordsAFM 274
dc.subject.keywordsBig Maybelle
dc.subject.keywordsJimmy Heath
dc.subject.keywordsLes DeMerle
dc.subject.keywordsBilly Williams
dc.subject.keywordsJohn "Spider" Martin
dc.subject.keywordsColtrane Plays The Blues
dc.subject.keywordsMy Favorite Things
dc.subject.keywordsColtrane's Sound
dc.subject.keywordsKenny Dorham
dc.subject.keywordsHoward McGhee

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