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dc.contributor.advisorAmirfazli, Alidad
dc.creatorAlmohammadi, Hamed
dc.description.abstractIn this thesis, a systematic study was performed to understand drop impact onto hydrophilic and hydrophobic moving surfaces. Different systems (combination of liquids, surfaces, and drop impact conditions) were examined. Wide range of normal drop and surface velocities were studied; such normal and tangential velocity ranges are not available in systems where a drop impacts at an angle relative to a surface. The asymmetric nature of drop spreading on moving surfaces was elucidated. A model that for the first time is able to mathematically predict the time evolution of such asymmetric spreading was provided. Furthermore, a new model was developed to determine the splashing threshold of the drop impact onto a moving surface. The model is capable of describing the azimuthally different behavior of splashing. The effect of liquid viscosity on drop splashing was clarified. A comprehensive regime maps of drop impact outcome on a moving surface was provided.
dc.rightsAuthor owns copyright, except where explicitly noted. Please contact the author directly with licensing requests.
dc.subjectMechanical engineering
dc.titleAsymmetric Behavior of a Drop Upon Impact onto a Surface
dc.typeElectronic Thesis or Dissertation Engineering - Master of Applied Science's
dc.subject.keywordsDrop impact
dc.subject.keywordsMoving surface
dc.subject.keywordsTangential velocity
dc.subject.keywordsAsymmetric spreading
dc.subject.keywordsAsymmetric splashing
dc.subject.keywordsSurface wettability
dc.subject.keywordsSplashing model
dc.subject.keywordsSpreading model
dc.subject.keywordsAsymmetric behavior
dc.subject.keywordsRegime map

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