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dc.contributor.authorAhmad, F
dc.contributor.authorRiaz, S
dc.contributor.authorBarata, P
dc.contributor.authorStewart, DE
dc.identifier.citationAhmad F, Riaz S, Barata P & Stewart DE. Patriarchal beliefs and perceptions of abuse among South Asian immigrant women. Violence Against Women 2004; 10(3):262-282.en_US
dc.description.abstractThis study investigates the relationship between South Asian immigrant women’s patriarchal beliefs and their perceptions of spousal abuse. Twenty-minute telephone surveys were conducted with 47 women. The survey collected information about demographic characteristics, patriarchal beliefs, ethnic identity, and abuse status. Participants were read a vignette that depicted an abusive situation and were asked whether they felt that the woman in the vignette was a victim of spousal abuse. As hypothesized, higher agreement with patriarchal social norms predicted a decreased likelihood of identifying the woman in the vignette as a victim of spousal abuse. This finding is discussed in terms of its application to violence against women educational programs in the South Asian immigrant community.en_US
dc.subjectImmigrant womenen_US
dc.subjectSouth Asian womenen_US
dc.titlePatriarchal beliefs and perceptions of abuse among South Asian immigrant womenen_US

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