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dc.contributor.authorOh, Haji
dc.identifier.citationOh, Haji (2011). “What does the Ethnic Costume Represent?” Asia Colloquia Papers 1(3). Toronto: York Centre for Asian Research. Available at:
dc.description.abstractClothes are inseparably related to our daily life. They not only protect the body, but also enable expression of one’s identity through design, color, and so on. In particular, an ethnic costume is a strong statement of individual circumstances. It is unique and has a cultural background. It has symbolic value because it stands for ethnicity, gender, religion and emphasizes social belonging. Thus, ethnic costumes have two features—one as a private “second skin” and the other as a “symbol” of social belonging.
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dc.subjectCultural studies
dc.subjectFine arts
dc.subjectEthnic studies
dc.subjectEthnic costume
dc.subjectSocial belonging
dc.titleWhat does the Ethnic Costume Represent?
dc.typeAsia Colloquia Papers

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