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    • Continuous Modeling of 3D Building Rooftops From Airborne LIDAR and Imagery 

      Jung, Jaewook (2016-09-20)
      In recent years, a number of mega-cities have provided 3D photorealistic virtual models to support the decisions making process for maintaining the cities' infrastructure and environment more effectively. 3D virtual city ...
    • Feasibility of 20 km free-standing inflatable space tower 

      Seth, R.K.; Quine, Brendan; Zhu, Z.H. (British Interplanetary Society, May-10)
      This paper describes the theory and analysis for the construction of a thin walled inflatable space tower of 20 km vertical extent in an equatorial location on Earth using gas pressure. The suborbital tower of 20 km ...
    • Hardware Accelerated DNA Sequencing 

      Wu, Zhongpan (2019-07-02)
      DNA sequencing technology is quickly evolving. The latest developments ex- ploit nanopore sensing and microelectronics to realize real-time, hand-held devices. A critical limitation in these portable sequencing machines ...
    • IG-JADE-PKSlib: An Agent-Based Framework for Advanced Web Service Composition and Provisioning 

      Martínez, Erick; Lespérance, Yves (Jul-04)
      In this paper we describe an agent-based infrastructure and toolkit to develop inter-operable, intelligent, multiagent systems for Web service composition (WSC) and provisioning. Our toolkit is realized through an interface ...
    • Software Verification Tools 

      Roosen-Runge, Peter (© P. H. Roosen-Runge, 1999, 2003, 2007, 2008)
      This text explores the problem of verifying software in terms of a set of simple tools which can be used to symbolically evaluate and prove properties of pieces of programs, represented either abstractly in functional ...
    • Web Service Composition as a Planning Task: Experiments using Knowledge-Based Planning 

      Martínez, Erick; Lespérance, Yves (Jun-04)
      Motivated by the problem of automated Web service composition (WSC), in this paper, we present some empirical evidence to validate the effectiveness of using knowledge-based planning techniques for solving WSC problems. ...

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