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Scholr 2.0: a white paper by Scholars Portage

Scholr 2.0: a white paper by Scholars Portage

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Title: Scholr 2.0: a white paper by Scholars Portage
Author: Allison-Cassin, Stacy
Williams, Mita
Abstract: This document was created to highlight opportunities and drive discussion for the OCUL consortium in both the short term through the launch of a new Scholars Portal server in 2008, and in the long term by
incorporating more 'social' means of sharing and organizing information within OCUL's Scholars Portal and the larger academic community that it serves. It was created by Scholars Portage librarians subgroup of the Scholars Portal Public Services Advisory Group. With the implementation of Scholars Portal 2, a replacement for the existing online journal hosting service of Scholars Portal, comes a great opportunity to incorporate new features and new services to
the OCUL community of students and researchers. This document was created with the intention of starting a discussion among OCUL librarians about what we would like to see be made available.
Subject: library 2.0
Research support
Social networking
Academic libraries
Scholars Portal
Type: Working Paper
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10315/2878
Date: 2007-08

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