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    • Assessing clinical significance using robust normative comparisons 

      Mangardich, H.; Cribbie, Robert (Taylor & Francis, 2015)
      Clinical significance determines whether an intervention makes a real difference in the everyday life of a client. One of the most recommended approaches for conducting group-level analyses of clinical significance is to ...
    • Comparing means under heteroscedasticity and nonnormality: Further exploring robust means modeling 

      Counsell, Alyssa; Chalmers, Phil; Cribbie, Robert (Wayne State University Library System, 2018)
      Researchers are commonly interested in comparing the means of independent groups when distributions are nonnormal and variances are unequal. Robust means modeling (RMM) has been proposed as an alternative to ANOVA-type ...
    • Pairwise multiple comparison tests when data are nonnormal 

      Keselman, H. J.; Cribbie, Robert; Wilcox, Rand (Sage, 2002-06)
      Numerous authors suggest that the data gathered by investigators are not normal in shape. Accordingly, methods for assessing pairwise multiple comparisons of means with traditional statistics will frequently result in ...

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