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    • Exposure-based interventions for the management of individuals with high levels of needle fear across the lifespan: A clinical practice guideline and call for further research 

      McMurtry, C. Meghan; Taddio, Anna; Noel, Melanie; Martin, Antony; Chambers, Christine; Asmundson, Gordon; Pillai Riddell, Rebecca; Shah, Vibhuti; MacDonald, Noni; Rogers, Jess; Bucci, Lucie; Mousmanis, Patricia; Lang, Eddy; Halperin, Scott; Bowles, Susan K; Halpert, Christine; Ipp, Moshe; Rieder, Michael; Robson, Kate; Uleryk, Elizabeth; Votta-Bleeker, Elizabeth (Lisa); Dubey, Vinita; Hanrahan, Anita; Lockett, Donna; Scott, Jeffrey (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, 2016)
      Needle fear typically begins in childhood and represents an important health-related issue across the lifespan. Individuals who are highly fearful of needles frequently avoid health care. Although guidance exists for ...
    • Far from “just a poke”: common painful needle procedures and the development of needle fear 

      McMurtry, Meghan; Pillai Riddell, Rebecca; Taddio, Anna; Racine, Nicole; Asmundson, Gordon; Noel, Melanie; Chambers, Christine; Shah, Vibhuti (Clinical Journal of Pain, 2015)
      Background: Vaccine injections are the most common painful needle procedure experienced throughout the lifespan. Many strategies are available to mitigate this pain; however, they are uncommonly utilized, leading to ...

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