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    • Advancing Critical Financial Literacy with Marginalized Youth 

      Spotton Visano, Brenda; Ek-Udofia, Imo; Karmali, Shelina (2013)
      Thinking critically about finance and financial literacy helps people to make genuine financial choices. To be effective, FL teaching methods need to engage youth and value their knowledge. Creative teaching tools that ...
    • Affordable Housing Is Crucial to Successful Integration of Immigrants in Toronto 

      Murdie, Robert (2008)
      The present rental housing market in Toronto does not have the variety, affordability, and access that is needed to help immigrants to successfully integrate into Canadian society. More attention needs to be paid to the ...
    • African American Women Have a Disadvantage When It Comes to Cancer Care 

      Anucha, Uzo; Gorey, Kevin M.; Luginaah, Isaac; Schwartz, Kendra L.; Fung, Karen Y.; Balagurusamy, Madhan; Bartfay, Emma; Wright, Frances C.; Parsons, Renee R. (2013)
      Race has an impact on breast cancer treatment and survival. Non-Hispanic white women are more likely to survive breast cancer than African American women. Younger women are especially vulnerable. They tend to lack adequate ...
    • Age Differences in Barriers to Cardiac Rehabilitation 

      Shanmugasegaram, Shamila; Grace, Sherry; Gravely, Shannon; Brual, Janette; suskin, neville; Stewart, Donna Eileen (2009)
      Older patients with heart disease experience more CR barriers, and the nature of their barriers differs from those of younger patients. Health care professionals should identify and address these barriers in order to ...
    • Aggressive Media Leads to Aggressive Dating 

      Connolly, Jennifer; Friedlander, Laura; Pepler, Debra; Craig, Wendy; Laporte, Lise (2010)
      TV shows, movies, and other forms of media that depict aggressive behaviours can lead to dating aggression among youth. Teenagers who are ethnic minorities are especially at risk.
    • Anti-racism Is an Important Approach for Social Workers to Use with Members of Diverse Ethnoracial Communities 

      Maiter, Sarah (2010)
      Anti-racism is a helpful tool that may be used to improve services for ethnoracial communities. It allows social workers to assess and intervene in their clients’ lives more effectively. This involves looking at the way ...
    • Arctic Species Severely Affected by Climate Change in the Last Two Centuries 

      Quinlan, Roberto; Douglas, Marianne S. V.; Smol, John P. (2009)
      The last two centuries of climate warming have drastically affected many species in the High Arctic. Species that survived in extreme cold are becoming threatened as the average temperature in the Arctic increases.
    • Are Boredom Prone Individuals Creative and Curious About Their Environment? 

      Hunter, Jennifer A.; Abraham, Eleenor H.; Hunter, Andrew G.; Goldberg, Lauren C.; Eastwood, John D. (2018)
      After controlling for overall personality characteristics, boredom proneness did not predict creativity, but did positively predict people’s motivation to seek out novel experiences and find answers to things they do not ...
    • “Ask Me What I Need”: Shifting Responsibility for Inclusive Learning Environments in Clinical Placement 

      Khanlou, Nazilla; epstein, iris; Ermel, R. E.; Sherk, M; Simmonds, K. K.; Balaquiao, L.; Chang, K. Y. (2022)
      Lack of consideration of accommodations in work-integrated learning (WIL) leads to a lack of equity. We can address equity concerns in WIL by shifting responsibility from disabled students to clinical staff and administrators ...
    • Attachment and Treatment Response for PTSD Patients 

      Muller, Robert; Rosenkranz, Susan E. (2013)
      Attachment is an important factor to address with trauma patients. Using an inpatient, group therapy setting can enhance the impact of treatment, increase secure attachments with others, and reduce trauma symptoms.
    • Bank Mergers May Have Negative Effects on Customers 

      Roberts, Gordon; Panyagometh, Kamphol (2009)
      Bank mergers can benefit shareholders but can have negative effects on customers. The structure of loan syndicates needs to be well controlled to avoid risk in the banking system. Banks are currently pricing loan risk effectively.
    • Barriers Exist for Newcomers to Access Spaces for Sport and Recreation 

      Safai, Parissa (2011)
      Newcomers and other groups experience barriers from being active in sports and physical activity. This is a result of institutional racism. Many spaces do not address the varied and distinct needs of different groups, ...
    • Beating Homelessness Is About More Than Just Getting Housing 

      Anucha, Uzo; Smylie, Lisa; Mitchell, Colleen; Omorodion, Francisca (2008)
      While getting housing is central to solving homelessness, there needs to be an overall improvement in healthcare, education, and social assistance for the poor.
    • Becoming Successful with Disabled Students in the Accommodation's Assemblage: Using Storytelling as Method 

      epstein, iris; Rose, Jarrett; Juergensen, Linda; Mykitiuk, Roxanne; MacEntee, Katie; Stephens, Lindsay (2022)
      As more disabled students enter college and university, the need for accommodations in the classroom and work-integrated learning (WIL)will increase. Storytelling can be a powerful tool to understand how to make the WIL ...
    • The Benefits of Co-creation for Assistive Technology 

      Baljko, Melanie; Hamidi, Foad (2013)
      Knowledge mobilization tools let researchers engage stakeholders earlier in a project. Making stakeholder concerns become the basis for a research question. Thus, research goals can change from being theoretical to practical, ...
    • The Benefits of Employee Volunteering 

      Matten, Dirk; Muthuri, Judy; Moon, Jeremy (2012)
      Employee Volunteering helps companies build partnerships with their community. Employees, community organizations and the public at large, all benefit from the give-and-take relationships.
    • Bilinguialism Gives Children Cognitive Advantage 

      Bialystok, Ellen (2012)
      Bilingual children perform better than monolingual children in tasks that demand executive control. They are able to focus better on a task, in the presence of distractions.
    • Blended Learning Makes Customizable Learning a Reality 

      Adams, Jean; Hanesiak, Rita; Morgan, Gareth; Owston, Ronald; Lupshenyuk, Denys; Mills, Laura (2010)
      There is no single best, one-size-fits-all blended learning model for every organization or every employee when developing soft skills in the workplace. Instead, a ‘mass customization’ approach that honours the uniqueness ...
    • Border Security Affects the Way Migrants Are Defined in the Societies They Enter and/or Exit 

      Latham, Robert (2011)
      Border security is used as tool to control who arrives and exits the social space that states encompass. This control is not only physical, but it is also symbolic. That is, state border security attempts to control the ...
    • Boredom and Attention: How Are They Related? 

      Hunter, Andrew G.; Eastwood, John D. (2018)
      The tendency to feel bored and in-the-moment feelings of boredom had different relationships with the ability to sustain attention. The tendency to feel bored may reflect a motivation or ability to sustain attention over ...