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dc.contributor.authorBurnaby, Barbara
dc.identifier.citationTESL Canada Journal, 6(1): 27-39
dc.description.abstractThis article provides an overview of an assessment that TESL Canada undertook of Employment and Immigration Canada's pilot programme, the Settlement Language Training Program (1986/7). Ten projects in the programme in Ontario, Manitoba, and B.C. were studied. The programme was well received. Its community based delivery and the availability of babysitting and transportation supports were important to its success. Good needs assessment for outreach and curriculum proved to be critical. Special attention needs to be paid to the needs of learners with low levels of literacy. Implications for future initiatives of this type are drawn on the topics of needs assessments, decision making structures, delivery agencies, time-frames and funding levels, and programme models.en
dc.publisherTESL Canada
dc.subjectTeaching of English as a Second Language in the Community
dc.subjectSecond Language Teaching
dc.subjectAboriginal Education
dc.subjectMinority Language Education
dc.subjectESL Teaching -- Community-based
dc.subjectESL Learning -- Community-based
dc.titleCommunity Based ESL: An Assessment of a federal Pilot Initiative

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