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dc.contributor.authorFernandez, Leila
dc.contributor.authorSalmon, Marcia
dc.description.abstractThe presentation will begin with a definition of open access and an outline of its benefits. We will then go on to explain the two roads to open access and the ten flavours of open access as discussed by John Willinsky in the Access Principle. We will continue with a discussion of open access implications for librarians' roles in the areas of reference, collections and academic liaison. The second part of our presentation will include a description of open access tools for authors. This will cover SHERPA/ROMEO, JULIET, OpenDOAR, DOAJ, Journal Info and search engines for accessing the open access literature. We will end with a discussion of barriers to open access and overcoming resistance of faculty toward open accessen
dc.subjectOpen Accessen
dc.subjectScholarly Communicationen
dc.subjectYUL Scholarly Communication Retreaten
dc.titleOpen Access Publishingen

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