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    • Machiavelli on the art of the state and the true way 

      Sayer, David Andrew
      "This monograph reopens a central and contentious question about Machiavelli's thought: how does he understand the relation between morality and politics? In the twentieth century, three of the most influential answers ...
    • Religion and Secularism-Towards a Reconciliation 

      Scott, Xavier Devon (2018-08-27)
      This dissertation examines the evolving relationship between religion and the state in political philosophy. I begin with an examination of what religion is. I argue that religion is not primarily a belief system about ...
    • The Atomic Prince: A Lucretian Interpretation of Machiavelli 

      Jain, Dhruv (2017-07-27)
      In 1417 Poggio Bracciolini discovered a copy of De Rerum Natura or On the Nature of Things. Lucretius, a Roman Epicurean philosopher, who lived from approximately 99 to 55 BCE, was its author. This dangerous text argued ...

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