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    • Bright eyes. 

      Motzan, Otto [composer]; Smith, Harry Bache [lyricist]; Jerome, M. K. (Maurice K.) [composer] (New York : Waterson, Berlin & Snyder Co., 1920., 1920)
    • Bye bye baby. 

      Motzan, Otto [composer]; Bloom, Marty [composer] (New York : A. J. Stasny Music Co. Inc., 1924., 1924)
    • Pick a rose in Picardy. 

      Motzan, Otto [composer]; Holden, Sidney [lyricist] (New York : Otto Motzan Music Publisher, 1927., 1927)
    • Sweet and pretty 

      Motzan, Otto [composer]; Atteridge, Harold Richard [lyricist]; Plummer [graphic artist] (New York : G. Schirmer, 1916., 1916)
    • That wonderful thing called love. 

      Motzan, Otto [composer]; Greene, Schuyler [lyricist]; Boyle, Darl Macleod [lyricst] (New York : T. B. Harms and Francis, Day & Hunter and Joe Morris Music Co., 1914, 1914)
    • There's a lonesome little girlie (in a lonesome little town). 

      Motzan, Otto [composer]; Greene, Schuyler [lyricist] (New York : Joe Morris Music Co., 1914, 1914)
    • Where are you dream girl 

      Davis, Benny [composer]; Frisch, Billy [composer]; Motzan, Otto [composer]; Linet, Hank [arranger]; Vallée, Rudy [performer] (New York : Robbins Music Corporation, 1929., 1929)

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