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    • Biomechanical Locomotion Heterogeneity in Synthetic Crowds 

      Haworth, Michael Brandon (2020-05-11)
      Synthetic crowd simulation combines rule sets at different conceptual layers to represent the dynamic nature of crowds while adhering to basic principles of human steering, such as collision avoidance and goal completion. ...
    • Computer Games for Motor Speech Rehabilitation 

      Haworth, Michael Brandon (2016-09-20)
      This research investigates the problem of creating a system for interactive digital visual feedback of articulator kinematics measures for speech rehabilitation. Recent technology provides precise non-line-of-sight ...
    • Optimizing Simulated Crowd Behaviour 

      Berseth, Glen Paul (2015-01-26)
      In the context of crowd simulation, there is a diverse set of algorithms that model steering, the ability of an agent to navigate between spatial locations, while avoiding static and dynamic obstacles. The performance of ...
    • Towards Static and Dynamic Analysis of Architectural Elements 

      Usman, Muhammad (2016-11-25)
      This research investigates two analysis techniques, static and dynamic, to analyze the architectural elements in an environment design. The placement of an architectural element within a building design has great impact ...

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