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    • An Animal Among Animals 

      Maston, Sara Kay (2018-08-27)
      The discourse of Animal Studies has been gaining momentum as a scholarly discipline, advanced in remarkably diverse ways by theorists such as Jakob Von Uexkll, Gilles Deleuze, Donna Haraway, Michel Serres, and Giorgio ...
    • Chasing the Image 

      Allen Laurin, Timothy Allen (2017-07-27)
      My exhibition and paper addresses the physicality of the image, specifically that of the printed image and its material substrate, whether that image is photographically produced, or one created from printmaking processes. ...
    • Connectivity 

      Nobel, Christine Anne (2017-07-27)
      Connectivity is an exploration of confluence between the practice of painting and fibre arts. Through the shared material language of these established disciplines I seek to highlight both the act of making and the viewing ...
    • What Isn't There: Imaging Palestine 

      Flanders, Ellen Ruth (2015-08-29)
      What Isn’t There is a research project that considers the possibility of creating an image of Palestine by documenting the 418 Palestinian villages that were erased with the establishment of the State of Israel. The work ...

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