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    • Funny face 

      Von Tilzer, Harry [composer]; Sterling, Andrew B. [lyricist]; Buck, Gene [graphic artist] (New York, NY : Harry Von Tilzer Music Pub. Co., 1909., 1909)
    • Funny folks 

      Powell, W.C. [composer] (Chicago : W. C. Polla Company, 1904, 1904)
    • Funny moon 

      Piantadosi, Al [composer]; McCarthy, Joseph [lyricist]; Pfeiffer, E. H. [graphic artist]; Orr, Charles F. [performer] (New York : Feist, 1910., 1910)
    • Funny, dear, what love can do fox trot song 

      Bennett, Joe. [composer]; Little, George A. [composer]; Straight, Charley [composer] (New York : Leo. Feist, 1929., 1929)
    • Funny. 

      Anderson, Frank [composer]; Yoell, Larry [lyricist] (San Francisco, Calif. : Villa Moret, 1925, 1925)
    • Fussy old maids. 

      Ball, Chas W. A. [composer]; Bugbee, Willis N. (Willis Newton) [lyricist] (Boston? : Willis N. Bugbee, 1925, 1925)
    • Future Acqua Farms: Food for Thought 

      Howard, Peter (Corporate Knights Magazine, 2005)
    • Future Forward: Reflections on New and Emerging Service Directions in Canadian Academic Libraries. 

      Bury, Sophie (2009-12-02)
      Many Canadian academic libraries are revisiting directions and priorities for user services delivery. This talk will give an overview of selected new emerging trends in this area, including a summary of the factors driving ...
    • The Future of Global Human Rights and the Emerging Post Cold War World Order 

      Adelman, Howard (Centre for Refugee Studies, York University, 1993-05-07)
    • The Future of Strategy 

      Williams, Michael C. (YCISS, 1991-01)
      The ontological claims which provide the very content of Third Wave strategic thinking, and its self-defining opposition to the forms of analysis which dominated the preceding Second Wave, bring it into contradiction with ...
    • Futurist Cabaret: Let us Reform the Stage (2015) 

      Marinetti, F. T.; Rognoni, A; Dessy, M; Corra, B; Settimelli, E; Buzzi, P; Depero, F; Monarchi, F; Prampolini, E; Somenzi, M (Glendon College Creative Writing and Dramatic Arts Program, 2015-03-31)
      Archival file of an adapted works of futurist playwrights F.T Marinetti, A. Rognoni, M. Dessy, B. Corra, E. Settimelli, P. Buzzi, F. Depero, F. Monarchi, E. Prampolini, and M. Somenzi. "Futurist Cabaret" directed by Gabrielle ...
    • Futuristic rhythm 

      McHugh, Jimmy [composer]; Fields, Dorothy [lyricist] (New York : Mills Music inc, 1928., 1928)
    • Fuzzy wuzzy 

      King, Roy [composer] (New York : M. Witmark & Sons, 1915, 1915)
    • G'bye now. 

      Livingston, Jay [composer]; Evans, Ray [composer] (New York : Broadcast Music Inc., 1940, 1940)
    • Gabapentin reduces preoperative anxiety and pain catastrophizing in highly anxious patients prior to major surgery: a blinded randomized placebo-controlled trial 

      Clarke, Hance; Kirkham, Kyle R.; Orser, Beverley A.; Katznelson, Rita; Mitsakakis, Nicholas; Ko, Raynauld; Snyman, Adam; Ma, Martin; Katz, Joel (Springer, 2013-05)
      Gabapentin is increasingly being used for the treatment of postoperative pain and a variety of psychiatric diseases, including chronic anxiety disorders. Trials have reported mixed results when gabapentin has been administered ...
    • The Gaby glide 

      Hirsch, Louis A. (Louis Achille) [composer]; Pilcer, Harry [lyricist]; Deslys, Gaby [performer]; Starmer [graphic artist] (New York, NY : Shapiro Music Pub. Co., 1911., 1911)
    • The Gaby glide. 

      Hirsch, Louis A. (Louis Achille) [composer]; Pilcer, Harry [lyricist] (New York : Shapiro Music Publishing Co., 1911, 1911)
    • Gainsborough 

      Lou Wise (1990-08-31)
    • Gainsborough 

      Lou Wise (1990-08-31)

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