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  • Aptamers 2019 – a conference update 

    Shigdar, Sarah; Johnson, Philip; Pietruschka, Georg; Legen, Tjaša; Mayer, Günter; McKeague, Maureen (2019-07-14)
    The International Society on Aptamers held Aptamers 2019, the sixth successful annual symposium at Oxford in April. The meeting was chaired by Professor Dr Günter Mayer. The participants, representing over 25 countries, ...
  • Aptamers 2018 – a conference update 

    Tanner, Julian A; Ismail, Said I; Shigdar, Sarah; DeRosa, Maria C; Hahn, Ulrich; Johnson, Philip E; Suess, Beatrix; McKeague, Maureen (2018-06-29)
    The 5th annual symposium of the International Society on Aptamers, Aptamers 2018, was held in Oxford on the 11th and 12th April. We had a very diverse group of attend- ees and presenters from all over the world with repre- ...
  • Aptamers 2017 at Oxford 

    Henri, Justin; McKeague, Maureen; Johnson, Philip E; Suess, Beatrix; Nakamura, Yoshikazu; Nilsen-Hamilton, Marit; Pastor, Fernando; Hahn, Ulrich; Bunka, David; Shigdar, Sarah (2018-02-12)
    The 4th annual symposium of the International Society on Aptamers, Aptamers 2017, was held in Oxford on the 11th and 12th April and was well attended, with presenters from Europe (Spain, Germany, Austria, and UK), North ...
  • The minimum aptamer publication standards (MAPS guidelines) for de novo aptamer selection 

    McKeague, Maureen; Calzada, Victoria; Cerchia, Laura; DeRosa, Maria; Heemstra, Jennifer M; Janjic, Nebojsa; Johnson, Philip E; Kraus, Leon; Limson, Janice; Mayer, Günter; Nilsen-Hamilton, Marit; Porciani, David; Sharma, Tarun Kumar; Suess, Beatrix; Tanner, Julian A; Shigdar, Sarah (2022-05-24)
    Aptamers were first described in 1990 and since then many aptamers have been reported in the literature for numerous applications in both diagnostics and therapeutics. However, as with most fields, missing or unclear ...
  • Cooperative binding by a bifunctional deoxycholic acid and cocaine-binding aptamer 

    Dawood, Nusaibah E; Slavkovic, Sladjana; Qureshi, Ruqaiya; Khamissi, Natalie; Bauer, Christina; Reinstein, Oren; Johnson, Philip E (2021-11-17)
    A bifunctional cocaine and deoxycholic acid-binding aptamer was constructed from the individual ligand binding aptamers and the binding affinity and thermodynamics were measured using isothermal titration calorimetry. We ...

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