YorkSpace est le dépôt institutionnel numérique de l'Université York. Il s'agit d’une plateforme pour les membres de la communauté de York qui souhaitent organiser et préserver leurs travaux de recherche en ligne dans un contexte institutionnel. Il expose les travaux d’érudition de la communauté de l'Université York sur une plate-forme logicielle standardisée qui recueille des statistiques sur l'utilisation assurant ainsi sa diffusion et sa visibilité accru en ligne.

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Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change (EUC)
Global Labour Research Centre
Lives Outside the Lines: a Symposium in Honour of Marlene Kadar
SWORD Deposit
  • Teambuilding in the time of COVID-19: A Zoom Play 

    Hill, June; Prince, Tanya; Clink, David; Grewal, Kalina; Pinnock, Veronica; Jon, Genny; Stevenson, Alexandra; Neilson, David; Daniels, Trevor; Ngo, Dat Quoc (2021-05-06)
    Abstract This play brings to life the story of a group of professional and para-professional staff at York University Libraries as they build a new team and provide new services during a year-long COVID-19 lockdown. ...
  • Ritualizing Madness: Case Files as Sites of Enforced Performativity, 1894-1950 

    Smith, Kira A. (Canadian Journal of Disability Studies, 2021)
    In this article, I argue that case files kept by doctors, nurses, and attendants in Canadian Asylums, act as sites of performative madness enforced by the observer. In applying Foucauldian and performance theories, I look ...
  • Total Adverse Childhood Experiences and Preterm Birth: A Systematic Review 

    Sulaiman, Salima; Premji, Shahirose; Tavangar, Farideh; Yim, Ilona; Lebold, Margaret (Maternal and Child Health Journal, 2021-05-26)
    Introduction Total adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) are gaining prominence as a risk factor for preterm birth (PTB). The emerging literature examining this relationship reports inconsistent findings. The purpose of ...
  • Dead Reckoning - A Canadian Chamber Musical 

    Christian, Scott (2021-04)
    Dead Reckoning is a new Canadian musical composed by Scott Christian, with book and lyrics by Lezlie Wade. Part 1 of this major research project describes the four-year creation and development process of the musical, ...

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