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Adapting Canadian Work and Workplaces to Respond to Climate Change (ACW)
Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change (EUC)
Global Labour Research Centre
Lives Outside the Lines: a Symposium in Honour of Marlene Kadar
SWORD Deposit
Work-Integrated Learning, Accessibility, Accommodation (WILAA)
  • Nature's Past Episode 007: E-Waste and Obsolescence 

    Kheraj, Sean (Network in Canadian History and Environment, 2009-06-15)
    The problem of e-waste grows with each new mobile phone, music player, laptop computer or other type of consumer electronic device. Because many of these products are made with toxic substances, disposal is a major challenge. ...
  • Nature's Past Episode 006: Teaching Environmental History Special 

    Kheraj, Sean (Network in Canadian History and Environment, 2009-05-19)
    Teaching environmental history at the undergraduate level poses several challenges for instructors in this burgeoning subfield of history. As more and more universities add environmental history courses to their calendars, ...
  • Nature's Past Episode 005: The Storm History of Stanley Park 

    Kheraj, Sean (Network in Canadian History and Environment, 2009-04-22)
    In 2006, Vancouver’s Stanley Park was struck by an extreme windstorm event, which blew down more than ten thousand trees in the park. This was just one of a series of regular windstorms to strike the park in the twentieth ...
  • Nature's Past Episode 004: Environmental Justice on the Hamilton Waterfront 

    Kheraj, Sean (Network in Canadian History and Environment, 2009-03-16)
    The typical model of the environmental justice literature has focused on cases in which local communities fought to have government recognize their neighbourhoods as environmentally hazardous and fix the problem. Ken ...
  • Nature's Past Episode 003: Wildlife Conservation in the Northwest Territories 

    Kheraj, Sean (Network in Canadian History and Environment, 2009-10-21)
    We turn our attention northward in this month’s episode with an extended interview with John Sandlos, author of the award winning book Hunters at the Margin: Native People and Wildlife Conservation in the Northwest ...

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