Goodbye Pompeii (1977)

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Goodbye Pompeii (1977)

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Title: Goodbye Pompeii (1977)
Author: Wallace, Robert
Abstract: Archival file for the Glendon College production of Goodbye Pompeii, produced and directed by Glendon students. The play was performed February 12 - 21, 1977.
Description: 1. Cover Page. 2. Kelly, Michelle. (1977, Feb. 3). An interview with Bob Wallace. Pro Tem. 3. Unidentified Author. (1977, Feb. 10). THEATRE GLENDON. Pro Tem. 4. Unidentified Author. (1977, Feb. 11). Double debut marks opening of THEATRE GLENDON this week. Excalibur. [attached] 5. Wilde, Kimberley. (1977, Feb. 16). THEATRE GLENDON opens with "Good-bye Pompeii". Pro Tem. 6. Forrest, Hilary. (1077, Feb. 16). Students fine as the roof falls in--literally and figuratively. [Source unknown]. 7. Williams, Rob. (1977, Feb. 24) Goodbye Pompeii, goodbye youth. Pro Tem. 8. Unidentified Author. (1977, Feb. 24). Theatre Reviews: Goodbye, Pompeii. Pro Tem.9. Kruchio Agnes, (1977, Feb). York's other campus shows off. Excalibur. 10. Pictures from scenes. [5 copies].
Type: Other
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10315/9341
Published: Glendon College Creative Writing and Dramatic Arts Program
Date: 1977-02-12

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